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Aeroplan Status Promotion: Travel at Home!

It’s no big secret that we are travelling less, and airlines are loosing business. Not travelling causes issues in relation to frequent flyer status, and airlines cannot have everyone crashing out at once. To that end, Air Canada has launched a new promotion that could help you easily get some status with them, and star alliance. Lets review this Aeroplan promotion. (Read- our Aeroplan review!)

The Aeroplan promotion has two parts- and the easy way to look at it is to see if you already have status or don’t. This will ultimately determine which route you go down. Please note: You cannot use this promotion both ways. If you use this to get status, not further benefits will be given.

I do not have status

Congratulations! Now may be your time to get this status sitting at home. You earn Altitude 25K by earning 50,000 ‘travel at home’ miles. These miles can be earned by doing the following things:

  • Aeroplan Estore
  • Credit Card Earn
  • Credit Card Bonus
  • Mile Transfer
  • All other activity, unless otherwise stipulated.

This is pretty big, and can be fairly easy. If you have a large amount of points stowed away somewhere, and are willing and able to transfer them to Aeroplan, all you need to do is transfer 50,000 Aeroplan miles’ worth over. If you do not, getting something like the American Express AeroplanPlus Platinum Card can get you up to speed, with a 40,000 sign up bonus, leaving you close to your target. 

The status will be valid through Dec 31, 2021.

I already have status

Time to enhance it! You may go up one level, up to Alititude 75K. The same activities described above will also count towards your status. There is also a bonus based on how many miles you earn.

Aeroplan Promotion Review

Conditions of offer

Disclaimer: This is intended as a summary only. For all final details and terms of the offer, please visit Aeroplan’s site here.

Here are some of the restrictions on the offer:

  • Registration for offer is required on Aeroplan’s website. 
  • Miles must be earned until May 31, 2020
  • Status/bonuses will be awarded on or before Aug 1 2020

For full offer details, and to register, please visit THIS LINK

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